Trustees Corner - April 2013



            Well, spring is officially here!  You might not know it from the recent weather we have been experiencing.  But if you look the signs of abundant sunshine, warmth, and green lush foliage will soon replace the drab grays of winter. 

It is with some trepidation, but great relief, that I report to you that evidence shows we have solved our leaking roof problem.  We will be leaving the ceiling open for a couple more storm events to ensure that we have truly resolved the leak.  Then we will be replacing the ceiling with a drop style ceiling.          

More good news, thanks to George Nickett for researching our HVAC systems in the preschool area, we now have additional information to refer to when we are having problems with the systems.  AND, a big thank you to all who supported the first trustee workday (Dan Kingsley, Larry Polgar, Sue Farrish, Ed Boger, Paul Dimmler, Bruce Crawford, Dan Kulp, Tyler Seeley, and myself).   This team made short work of the over 20 heating/cooling units that received their first step in a thorough cleaning.  This first round of cleaning involved the cleaning of the internal unit including wiping down the unit, scrubbing the filter, and brushing the debris from the heating and cooling fins, then reassembling.  A second round of cleaning for the externals associated with air conditioning on each unit will be scheduled later in the spring as the weather warms, since the units actually need to be removed from the wall.

            Even more good news, the hood over the ranges in the kitchen has received a much needed cleaning and degreasing.  This was a dirty job for the family that performed the work and we are very grateful.  And to the person who cleaned the coffee pots, God bless you!  Not only do the pots look more inviting to use, but even the coffee tastes better.  Thank you!

            Next big project the Trustees are looking at is the exterior repair and painting.  If you know of anyone who is in the painting business that may have experience with stucco, please pass their contact information on to Rick Wrisley, so we can obtain estimates for the work required.

            How can you help?  Check the list of Trustee work projects on our web-site, and if there is something you see that you can help with let us know!  In addition to your financial support the Trustees are asking for your prayers, your guidance, your helping hand, and your patience.  The Trustees are aware that the monies for these necessary repairs are NOT in our current budget, and are working closely with the Finance team and Church Council to ensure the best is being done for the church building and our members.

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