Trustees Corner - March 2013

Spring is a time of renewal, regeneration, and a time to sow the many "seeds" in our life. There is also the task of clean-up from the winter months, and if your house is like mine, there is a growing list of things to do.

Just like in our homes where we live, our church property requires attention, and it also has a list of projects, both big and small, that need to be accomplished to keep our building running efficiently and economically. Some of these projects have begun, others are in the discovery stages, and a few are so important that planning has begun. There are 3 major projects that the Trustee's will be taking on this calendar year:

1. Fixing our leaky roof.

2. repairing or replacing several heater/air conditioner units in the pre-school area.

3. Exterior painting and repair.

Just like at home, there are many other lower priority jobs that will be done as needed, as finances allow, and as time permits.

In addition, the Trustees are planning several "work days" throughout the year so watch the monthly calendar and the Sunday bulletins. Each "scheduled day" will have an objective supplied with a list of tasks and items needed, presented in advance of the work day.

How can you help? First, we are estimating that the 3 major jobs will require funding between $20,000 and $30,000. At this time, these monies are NOT in our budget. To be able to fund these projects, there will be several funding drives this spring. In addition to your financial support, the Trustees are asking for you prayers, your guidance, your total support, your helping hand, and your patience.

Allow me to introduce you to those who have volunteered to be Trustees for our church. Feel free to contact any or all of us with your thoughts and concerns:

Ed Boger          Joe Richard          Bruce Crawford          George Nickett     Jean Weber - (Secretary)

Dan Kulp          Sue Farish - (Tresurer)                            Paul Dimmler - (Vice President)

Rick Wrisley - (President)




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