Trustees Corner - October 2013


I have said it many times, but I cannot emphasis the importance and value that your Trustee Committee is to our church.  If you see one of our Trustees, be sure to thank them.  In general our appearance is improving, and our facility may not be new, but it works (most of the time).   So with a huge smile and a bigger ‘THANK YOU’, keep up the good work.  And ‘Thank you’ to all the members that continue to support the trustees.

Well it is a busy time of year for the entire leadership of our Church.  It is planning and budgeting time, and preparation for our upcoming Charge Conference.  It is an exciting time and all of you should be thinking about your wish lists of things to be done.

From the Trustee perspective, there are several things around our buildings that are in need of some attention.  The following items are being added to our budget request to be presented to the finance committee on the first Tuesday of the month

Servicing all our furnaces in the church and parsonage – (In progress)

Adding heat to a classroom across from the church office

Replacing the tile in the choir room and youth room in the lower level.

The old floor coverings were removed some time ago.

Mending and patching our stucco where needed

Cleaning and Painting the exterior of our church

Replacement of several exterior doors.

Addressing windows that do not operate properly or that may be in need of replacement.


These are the most important projects that we see coming up in the very near future.  We need everyone’s help to get this work done.


In your service and HIS Service.

The Trustee’s

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