Trustees Corner - September 2013


Where ‘O Where has the summer gone?  Are you ready for fall?  And what about the prediction for a COLD and SNOWY winter in the Northeast?  Are you Ready?  I am starting to realize that there are some things in live that I just have to deal with – Time flying by (faster as I get older) and the weather! I said it before, but I will say it again: “There is so much going on and even more to do.”  What have you done during the summer?  The Trustees have been active, from critters to moving things around.  A huge ‘thank you’ to all trustees for their loyal support and help throughout the summer time.  And ‘Thank you’ to all the members that continue to support the trustees.

Our worship team, combined with the Trustees, have made some modifications that have been in the discussion phase for a long time.  These are the changes made in the chancel area to make the choir more visible.  We are always looking for feedback so let us know your thoughts.  This is still work in progress and we are discussing a possible rearrangement of the Sanctuary as well.

Through our expense reduction efforts, a special thanks to one of our members for evaluating the available energy suppliers in the area.   Peco still provides the infrastructure (power lines and transmission capabilities), but the new energy supplier significantly better energy rates (cost of electric generation) for our church.  We have not seen our first billing for comparison yet, but will soon.  We have also cut the cost of cleaning by only cleaning 3 days a week instead of the 5 we were doing earlier.  This has been in effect only for the summer so far so we will be watching how it goes this fall.

The Trustees work is never done, but our work list is not growing which means we are taking care of business has it happens, but it is not reducing either.  Bottom line your continued support is still needed in the form of prayers, financial, and muscle.  As always if there is an issue, give any trustee a call, we are here to help!

In your service and HIS Service.

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Girl Scout #210/U65
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Heidi DiCesare
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